Leadership & Professional Development Program


As a motivated professional, you recognize the importance of mastering relevant competencies. 

Managing your time, perfecting your communication, honing your emotional intelligence and mitigating conflict are just a sample of the crucial abilities that will propel you to becoming a transformational leader. 

New Horizons Center for Leadership & Professional Development focuses on the practical expertise & competencies you need to further develop yourself & your organization, enhancing your proficiency in key areas. The courses partner with you throughout the arc of your entire career - from team member to executive leader.

To help guide you, our Leadership & Professional Development courses have been organized into Career Paths & Job Roles to help you chart a development path that fits your distinct needs & goals for your future. 

Scroll down below to view the course listings for each specific path. We can also customize a track for you and your organizational team. 


Professional Development


Professional Development

This path focuses on the building of essential skills and behaviors for business professionals that will enhance your current position and lay the groundwork for future professional growth.


Communication Skills Training

& Interpersonal

Communication Skills Training

This path stresses the qualities required to effectively communicate across your entire organization. 

The knowledge, skills and behaviors acquired in this path allow you to build the self-confidence essential to succeed in today’s complex business world.


Leadership Management Training

& Management

Leadership Management Training

This path immerses you in the core and advanced competencies and behaviors needed to become a transformational leader. 

From front-line management to strategic organizational vision, these are the courses that both experienced and emerging leaders need to take their business to the next level.


Dr. Jay is truly amazing...

"This is the first online course where I actually was able to learn positive tips to truly help me when it comes to presenting to my customers. Also, Dr. Jay was so helpful and truly empowering. I am impressed with his ability to connect with each of us in the class. Awesome teacher!"

Lots of good topics...

"The sections on building credibility and reputation were most meaningful to me. Jason did a great job of presenting the information and keeping everyone engaged."


"Jason was fantastic. He encouraged participation, gave real world examples. He also remembered each of the participants, and used his knowledge of them to draw conclusions for the examples he was speaking of.

One of the best New Horizons trainers I've had."

Communication for Results...

"I took away the difference of individuals and how impactful it is to learn to communicate in a different way to others that will drive results and better outcome."

So many TOOLS!

"All of the 'tools' that I have now allows me to do my job more efficiently and I feel as though I will be more productive!"

Engaging, Encouraging, Excellent, Available...

"Jason is an AWESOME instructor. He is engaging, encouraging, available and worked through the course at the perfect pace. Jason does an excellent job getting to know his students and providing feedback and suggestions based on what he knows and has learned about this. Jason's style is easy-going, easy to follow, and natural. The course content is great, the dialogue is great, and I truly believe even the most seasoned presenter would benefit from this course. Excellent in every way!"

Group Discussion Strategies...

"The group discussions were very helpful in learning how to apply different strategies in similar situations."

Every company should have
a Customer Service Training Program...

"Good experience with Jason over the past few days. All companies should have a Customer Service training program that is conducive to their environment. Companies need to be customer service orientated otherwise, they won't have a clientele."

For over 35 years, New Horizons has helped transform individuals and organizations worldwide through our customer-centric end-to-end learning solutions:

Cisco Learning Partner
CompTIA Platinum Authorized Partner
Microsoft Gold Partner
VMware Partner
Axelos Global Best Practice
CertNexus Partner


Our award-winning partnerships with industry giants such as Microsoft, Google, Cisco, CompTIA, VMware, AXELOS, and others, ensure you get the authorized training and valued certifications that will empower your workforce for success in today’s digitally transforming market.  New Horizons hosts the largest schedule of guaranteed-to-run live classes on-line, at our centers, or at your location fully supported by dedicated program managers and world-class instructors.


What Sets Us Apart?

Our facilitators are highly-skilled at helping attendees be aware of how they talk, act and behave;
helping them to make changes in their mindset and attitude by challenging their existing beliefs and getting them to think differently. 

We empower our attendees
to put into practice behaviors learned and experienced in class by encouraging them to create an action list as they go through the event.

Behavior change doesn’t happen overnight and that is why all of our Leadership and Professional Development experiences come with
topic-specific post-class reinforcement tools to encourage a continuous learning journey.

Included in these resources are
E-books, On-Demand Courses, Quick Videos, Personal & Team Self-Assessments, Tools and Templates, and more.

Ability to customize events
specifically for companies and teams.

We can incorporate strategic initiatives, mission, vision, company culture and language in class.



New Horizons Expert Facilitators

New Horizons standard qualifications of CLD training facilitators are high.

  • At least 10 years of experience in a management/leadership capacity with staff reporting to them or at least 10 years of experience coaching management personnel 
  • Minimum 3-5 years teaching experience on the subject matter covered in the courses they will be delivering BA (if they have any graduate work relevant to their subject matter expertise, that's a bonus) 
  • Strong background in communication, presentation skills, facilitation, negotiation, conflict management 
  • In-depth understanding of business management, psychology, and/or organizational theory 
  • Desire to lead individuals through personal choice of behavioral change 
  • Preferred: Licensed psychologist and/or professional counselor and/or professional life or executive coach
  • Demonstrated passion for the subject matter

Need a customized professional development program, just for you & your team?

With an appropriate self-assessment individually in conjunction with collaborating with your direct reports, peers, and managers, you will start to uncover options and paths to develop the essential skills and behaviors needed to take your team to the next level. 

New Horizons can customize a seamless professional path and/or career track specifically designed for you and/or your organization's needs.


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